Chest Research Foundation

CRF works towards studying airways diseases in India, especially asthma and COPD, with focus on regional variations and etiological factors along with Clinical evaluation of drugs for the treatment of these diseases.

So; together TES and CRF are working in the field of R & D, awareness, sensitization as well as Technical Evaluation related to human health issues, environmental pollution and products in line with the same.

HP Dezines

The core competencies of HP Dezines are Architecture, Urban Planning, Sustainability, Conservation & Renovation. Hence we in association work together towards providing Architectural Services, Designing feasibility work, Landscaping, Master Planning, Micro-Planning, Development on Plots, Revitalization, Interiors etc. We, together hand in hand strive for generating awareness and sensitizing lot of people regarding a better and green future.

BEIPL, Navi Mumbai

BEIPL and TES have had a close association for many years. The major services which they provide are; Environmental and Social Risk Management, Ecosystem Planning & Management, Statutory Compliance & Management, Sustainability Services etc.

Programs carried out by them:

  • Post Environmental Clearance & Compliance Management
  • Construction Phase Environmental Management Program
  • Site EMP Implementation, Monitoring and Supervision
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Environmental Site Assessment (Phase-I, Phase-II ESA)

We are partners with them for Environmental Clearance of 5 f category projects, township projects etc.

Anaya Consultancy Services (ACS)

Technogreen is in close association with Anaya Consultancy Services for obtaining Permits and Advisories from:

  • MSEB- Maharashtra State Electricity Board
  • MPCB- Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
  • DISH- Directorate of Industrial Health & Safety
  • DIC- Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
  • TMC-Thane Municipal Corporation
  • BMC-Mumbai Municipal Corporation
  • PESO- Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organization

In association with the same; we have joined hands together to accomplish tasks like:

  • Pre and Post Construction Approvals
  • Effluent Treatment Approvals
  • Land Development Estimates
  • Certifications
  • Explosive License
  • Expansion + Construction
  • Stamp Duty and Electricity Duty Waiver
  • Incentive Packages
  • Documentation for sale
  • Factory Closure Formalities
  • Land Sale Procedure
  • Industrial Use conversion

Alert Pune

Technogreen and Alert Pune have been working hand in hand for corporate sensitization and social awareness.