Individual ISO

Numerous organizations have concentrated on Human development over the ages to help policymakers think in the direction of sustainability for the greater good of mankind. The unprecedented rise in population along with over-exploitation of resources has given rise to numerous questions pertaining to the capacity of our mother planet. Recent changes in the climate have also provoked people to rethink about their utilization of the resources and its sustainability.

A lot is being spoken about the aforementioned facets, but no tangible action has been taken till date. It is high time organizations across the country & globe carry out requisite initiatives in the form of capacity building programs which rather than enhancing the Corporate Social Responsibility of the organization, provide sustainable solutions that inculcate necessary changes among the individuals and institutions as a whole. With benefits that are not confined to the policies of an organization, every individual must instigate the change to see the world become a better place for our future generations.

Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Club

Technogreen believes in taking a quantum leap ahead of many of the leading environment organizations. We are the one to introduce a unique initiative in the field of environmental business deemed to involve participation and knowledge sharing through one of its kind approach of Knowledge Club Membership. This membership will help the individuals and organizations in availing the latest happenings in the field of environment related aspects of health, economics, technology, policies, legal framework, etc. all under one roof. They can also avail expert advice on call for any back end support required for the industry with a zero response time.

Technogreen Knowledge Membership

This membership offers a variety of knowledge sharing and back-end support through the involvement of the different individuals via personnel training, infrastructure assessments & audits, and advanced training in environmental engineering & technology. It is predicted to be the world’s first and one of its kind Technocratic enterprise approach that will impart the phenomenal opportunities for organizations and individuals for selecting the area of interest from a plethora of knowledge domains in the field of environment.

This membership is meant for all the organizations. Individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs, those looking for employment opportunities, those who need industry oriented environmental training shall find this membership especially blended for them. Academic institutions & students can also avail this opportunity to appraise themselves to the latest happenings of the environmental field & interact with experts and industries to strengthen opportunities for better placement & knowledge updation.