Air Dispersion Modeling

High rise projects are a recent trend in the infrastructure industry, that are mainly seen in the metropolis of the country thanks to space constraints. It is anticipated that such huge buildings will cater a large amount of inflow & outflow of vehicles thereby increasing the air pollution of the surrounding areas. Air being dynamic in nature shall disperse the pollutants released due to the vehicular movement into the surrounding areas. As such it is necessary to carry out air quality monitoring by estimating the likely concentration of the pollutants released along with their likely extent of dispersion. TES has carried out of such air dispersion modeling studies for several high rise projects in Mumbai.

Traffic Simulation Studies

Serving more than 50 clients of High Rise Construction ones to delineate traffic & dispersion modeling studies for their proposed high-rise in the highly developed region mainly of Mumbai. Technogreen has surely made its mark. The baseline traffic counts on major & minor roads to assess emissions by various categories of vehicles & simulate traffic & thereby PCU scenario for these roads accounting for additional proposed traffic of four-wheelers and two-wheelers for the present, 2017 & 2022 using AERMOD dispersion model. The traffic study shows that the individual roads through compounding effect of base growth rates of particular areas are accounted for and thereby loads on carrying capacity of individual roads as well as sections of impacted zones are simulated. Further, the emission from the different sectors and vintages of the vehicles will account to the kilometers traveled in the traffic study zones are computed using published emission factors & concentrations of pollutants are predicted especially for CO, NOx & PM10. After this, they are evaluated &represented as superimposed isopleths on Google maps for evaluating the impact of this proposed development project along with mitigation plans for the same.