With the increasing densities of urban areas, vehicular pollution abatement strategies, it is time to think out of the box for policy makers and provide solutions that are magical to solve issues pertaining to environmental pollution especially that of air quality. One of the major reasons for neglect of air quality sector is that the domain and responsibility of air quality cannot be fixed on an individual or organization and that in a sense also fixes responsibilities on all of us.

Technogreen and its individuals have been extremely fortunate to be part of such out of box think tank group who have been pioneering AQM strategy formulation that are beyond the conventions of old times. Technogreen at individual and organization level have participated in projects such as Diesel Retrofitment using PPF, DOC, DT’s etc., retrofitment of 3 Wheeler with DI systems, and several others.

Taking ahead its experience and knowledge gained by honors of this field of air study, Technogreen has now been able to provide solutions that are way beyond the conventions of other scientists and similar organizations wherein it has been able to design artificial wind draft generator using negligible energy sources for those builders who inevitably have to go vertical for building structures in order to accommodate maximum population in comparatively smaller footprint of construction that has led to certain scenarios of unacceptability factors categorized in 3 major sectors viz; ventilation (Wind movement), light (Shadow) & Heat & to resolve this issue of low / minimum wind scenario prevailing at multiple points assessed via modeling.

This has now been extended to researching and providing solutions for traffic junctions through design of virtual chimney that is expected to treat idling emissions from vehicles at signals in Mumbai using low temperature catalysis and Advanced Oxidation Processes via an air study DPR. Technogreen is also devising and testing its most awaited Indoor Air Quality Cleansing System using low temperature UV catalysis based fluidized system that is expected to change the fate of several parking lot emissions scenario in India.