One of the main objectives of Technogreen is to involve an individual and organization front has been preparing ‘Emissions Inventory’s’ for a city & particular event to be organized at a given place.An emission inventory is an estimate of the amount of the pollutants discharged into the air for a specific period.An EI usually contains the total emission factor for one or more specific greenhouse gases or other air pollutants, originating from all source categories in a certain geographical area and within a specified time span, usually for a year. Emission inventories are useful for policy processes as well as in the scientific applications.Policy use helps to mark the progress of the emission reduction targets and accordingly develop strategies and action plans. Scientific use includes the data as input to develop air quality models. The inventories are theoretical mostly based on the available data and therefore they show the discrepancy. As such, there is the need for a rigid emission inventory that will be unbiased in nature.

Technogreen has been phenomenally successful in organizing local resources in form of students for baseline data collection through source absorption study of representative samples for certain major sectors of emission sources.It has been thorough in reviewing earlier secondary data and methodology adopted for its collection before carrying out the surveys to facilitate consistency in methodologies and approach considering the earlier method and its scientific suitability for the purpose, to avoid any further ambiguity to the whole process of surveys.

Technogreen’s individuals and organization have been very fortunate to be part of such impactful studies in India and those emission inventory developed for Pune City have helped reframe policies of AQM and that of NCR, Delhi has rendered in preparing CWG event based air quality models by IITM, Pune. Such models were used for prediction of air quality prior to the Common Wealth Games of Delhi and supported Strategies to be planned in advance to help appropriate and timely implementation of the action plans as have been witnessed during CWG Delhi.